About Us

We are the 'Broads.'  Together we rack up more than a hundred years of publishing.  We are New York Times, USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors, having hit the major list more than 120 times and have amassed many glowing PW reviews.  Among us are multiple RITA's, television appearances - including CBS Sunday Morning, more than three-hundred traditionally published novels, many independently published novels, ten children, seven dogs, six cats and five states.  

We've been right here, sharing our lives with you, our hopes and dreams, our struggles and sorrows, our weddings and victories, for eight years.  We've mourned with you and rejoiced with you as you've shared your comments with us.  We plan to continue sharing life with you for a long time to come.  We give writing advice.  Share opportunities.  And bring you guest bloggers.

Occasionally we give away really cool prizes, too!